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“FLESH FOR SALE: IS YOUR .....3/22/2016

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Women and children snatched from the safety of their middle and upper class homes to be sold over and over again as sex slaves. This selling of flesh is spreading like wildfire, already the third fastest growing crime above guns and drugs.

300,000 minors are currently trafficked in the US. 1M women and children are trafficked internationally. A fraction are runaways. How does it happen? A job offer at Craig’s List; a ride home with a friend; a sleepover; the internet; date rape drugs at parties….

Remember when we all came together last year in a humanitarian effort to help the refugees in Kurdistan? Our Coats 4 Kurdistan initiative sent thousands of donated coats and blankets, $6M in donated pharmaceuticals from Citihope, International, 10,000 socks from Samaritan’s Feet, and financial donations to the Barzani Charity Foundation. We appeared on FOX NEWS which helped draw further national attention to the crisis, with that interview being played at the National Prayer Breakfast in Wash, DC garnering additional financial assistance for the refugees.

The Barzani Charity Foundation expressed their gratitude with an award to us as “humanitarian ambassadors on behalf of the Kurdistan people”.  It all began here, at Recaps. Thank you all for helping us to help so many!


Wiley and Hallie have continued to work behind the scenes on another very urgent need: Human Sex Trafficking.  We invite you to join us.

Many dream of boats and yachts, better homes, cars, security for families and doing good to help others.

Consider, please, helping those who have lost their ability to dream: Those caught in the current day slavery of SEX TRAFFICKING.


·        Consider the acid victims forever scarred for resisting rape and trafficking, finding safety, healing, hope and love through the programs of WAR (Women at Risk, International).

·        Consider the trafficked girl that was rescued and recovered through the WAR programs now earning a living making jewelry and learning to dream again for her future  

·        Consider the young girls and women who escape the trafficker’s grasp with the help of Homeland Security, that WAR cannot care for and must be turned away

·        Consider the children and women who escape with a felony on their record after being caught in a sex trafficking or drug raid, making it impossible to find a job.  Consider the WAR programs designed to teach each girl those skills needed to work and dream again in safe environments.

Please consider how you might make a contribution even now, to help those who have so little to not only survive but thrive with the help of WAR, (Women at Risk, International), a nonprofit of volunteers that works in 43 countries helping all of the women and children described above.



DONATE: https://warinternational.org/donate/

SHOP: for Jewelry made by the rescued women and children with all profits returned to the WAR programs and safe houses around the world.  http://warchestboutique.com/

HOST A JEWELRY PARTY IN YOUR HOME: http://warinternational.org/host-a-party/

WAR (Women at Risk, Intl) http://warinternational.org/

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”  - Dr. Seuss


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This is such an atrocity.   With three little girls of my own it makes me sick what people will do for a dollar.


There is so much to do after this blessing arrives we will not have time to do much else.


Wiley definitely leads by example.  Very proud of the group for doing what it can for those in need of help.

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Thank you Sweet Queen for sharing this post.


WAR works closely with the FBI and Homeland Security to rescue girls but need more safe houses for the extensive 3 tier healing and recovery process. 85% of all donations go to the programs to rescue, heal, recover, teach job skill training and prevention. Since 2006, WAR has created 170 programs for the victims.


Jewelry parties in the US alone bring a profit of $1Million/per year. I have done them myself. Brilliant concept. And the jewelry is gorgeous: real pearls, crystals and very affordable. All product, including gifts, scarves, jewelry, clothing are made by the rescued, formerly trafficked victims.


100% of profits from these parties are returned back to the programs to help and rescue the victims.


300,000 CHILDREN currently being trafficked in the United States of America!


Please spread the word, and help as you can.




Thank you!!

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Joyce Meyer MInistries is also doing GREAT work in this field.  They have wonderful programs helping the victims, also finding and freeing victims etc.

And I am sure would love, love love any of us to partner with them as well.

God bless one and all for being aware and caring about this horrendous crime!!


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Three hundred thousand in America is probably just a deck chair of the Titanic compared to the true amount of crime inflicted on our innocent. We have no law in our country when those in the law community close their eyes to what is going on to keep their jobs and their pensions. They closed their eyes to 911 and they are closing their eyes to this atrocity. God has not and I believe a reckoning is coming very soon. We Americans may not be able to accept the truth when it is finally given. We're the ones we've been waiting for and we've still got much of our heads up our......God have mercy on the weak and the meek.

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Oh my word! SweetQueen I've been posting this on Facebook the last month or so and this is just confirmation to me that I can at least host a party for buy something. I don't have a lot but I am willing and able to help out any way I can. I so appreciate Wiley and Hallie stepping up to the plate once again for a great project to bring in those changes we so desperately need to get the ball rolling. There are so many wonderful folks in this group with a heart as big and pure as gold that step up every time to help out and change humanity. Count me in!!! :-)))

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The WAR jewelry parties are a wonderful way to help.


They send everything you need for your group of friends - small or large - in FED EX pre-paid box, that also includes a DVD about the victims and the rescue and recovery programs WAR offers.


The best part? 100% of all proceeds from the sale of the jewelry and gifts made by the rescued girls goes right back into the WAR programs to help them.


I have done several parties myself... really a win win.


Shopping with a purpose.


See link above for more info - sorry for some reason I am not able to insert the link here.


Thanks to all who wish to help.



Opera Dinar

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