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[wileymorgan] It has come to the attention of the Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) that certain parties in dinar land are stating false alignment with them. In a conversation with the head of the organization they will address this for themselves with those parties making those assertions.

In the interim they have asked us to set the record straight that they have no affiliations with any so called dinar groups.

I and others formed a nonprofit called Change for Hope and built a coalition of partners with CitiHope International, Samaritans Feet and Feed the Hungry. In our joint effort we were able to raise 100 Tons of goods, food and supplies for the region which is in country now.

In that same effort we acquired roughly $6M in medical aid that was airlifted into Erbil for the immediate needs based on the supplies the medical teams from BCF informed us to the immediate needs of.

Should you wish to donate or help out in the Kurdistan Relief efforts they suggest you go to their site directly and not funnel monies through any internet group claiming affiliations

Change for Hope would be more than happy to provide our MOU from said coalition partners and LOU from BCF to work on their behalf within the United States. We would be more than happy to provide times when they will be in country and could talk on aid or relief efforts or strategies.

Change for Hope has spent a many hours with the directors of this organization to help make the world aware of what is happening. We are thankful to Kevin Fobbs at ComDigiNews –Standing at Freedoms Gate and Fox News’ own Kelly Wright for doing those interviews.

The Fox news interviews were played at a private meeting at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC. This is no longer a deaf matter for political ears. The right people have heard from the BCF board directly on the needs for all Kurdish peoples.

Sincerely Wiley Morgan Vice President, Change for Hope

Links - http://www.coats4kurdistan.com/ http://www.barzanifounda ··· english/

Com Digi News - http://www.commdiginews. ··· p-34473/

Fox News - http://video.foxnews.com ··· ow-clips

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To Already Blessed (Pam) and TNT Peeps,


Your statement made at Recaps is utterly false, not based in fact, and is in short, a complete misrepresentation of reality.




Barzani Charity Foundation does not know you or Tony or DC, or anyone associated with TNT. They have no relationship with you whatsoever, let alone a "special" one. We actually speak with them on a regular basis and have been informed they are most displeased at your false claims. This is yet another fantasy story which just makes TNT look even more, well..... silly.


"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." -- Mark Twain


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I have been trying to find telephone contact for Coats for Kurdistan project. I have over 10,000 winter coats/soft shells/vests/etc.

of the very best winter gear to donate. I would so appreciate it if someone could get me in touch with them. This cargo needs

to move soon.  Thank you very much, Eyes Wide Open  Monday, August 2, 2015

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