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  1. morning Bailey, I just wanted to let you know that the article of Zap isn't even on the page and cannot

    be read to easily....thank you sweetie!   have a blessed day!!!

    1. bailey2


      ok love I will go fix it now, Thank you hon

    2. bailey2


      Hon, It must be an issue on your end, I checked it and had the other 2 mods and they also said it was fine, are you on 4.2 for the theme?


    3. faith


      ok, thank you....sorry to make more work for you  : (

  2. how does one post now?

    1. bailey2


      Under each post, isn't there a box that says replay to this post

    2. bobo


      There is now but for some reason it wasn't showing yesterday.



  3. We Remember Studley....

    That was beautiful Sweet. You were a good friend, it shows in your words He is missed by many here
  4. Thank you Palomino And God Bless you too hon
  5. Awe Thank you hon, This site has a great team of mods, we all do our share, and we love giving you all our best & SweetQueen is always looking out for the members, It's her top priority here.
  6. I'm really sorry about the spammers that have been posting in here guys, I try to remove them as soon as I see them but I know sometimes they are missed . I Appreciate all that bring them to my attention, and please continue to do so, Just PM me. Thank you all, and again Im sorry, I know some posts are quite offensive.
  7. HAVING TROUBLE GETTING INTO THE FORUM? .....1/14/2016 IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE GETTING INTO THE FORUM, AND GETTING THESE MESSAGES: 1) This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information. 2) Website Moved This site has been moved to a new server. Follow these instructions to clear your DNS cache and possibly restore this site... JUST CLEAR COOKIES AND REBOOT, THAT SEEMS TO BE THE FIX. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE GUYS ********************************* Here is another step that some have had to do To reset the DNS resolver cache, perform the following steps: Hold down the Windows key and press “R” to bring up the Run dialog box. Type “ipconfig /flushdns” then press “Enter“. That’s all there is to it. A command box will flash on the screen for a split second and the DNS Resolver cache is cleared. ***** Make sure there is a space AFTER the “g” in ipconfig*********
  8. Sorry to say guys Chat is still down, We have no idea when it will resume today, Just keep checking guys, I will keep you updated as I hear anything. Thank you all for yor patience I am in constant contact with addonchat to try and get the problem fixed.(SweetQueen)
  10. Hello Members, We are experiencing issues with the chat room and no one can get in since the server update last night, Sweet has been trying to rectify the problem!!! If I get any update on the progress I will let everyone know here. We are sorry for the inconvenience.. Thank you all for yor patience.
  11. Hey hon, do you have Firefox, or IE try to come In under one of those Browsers Firefox as my 1st choice , PM me if you still have an issue after switching, if you are already are using 1 of them, you may have to update java (Version 8 Update 60). Is the newest Java version http://java.com/en/
  12. Lisa try to address Wiley at this link http://www.intel4u.com/Forums/index.php?/topic/29949-wileymorganintel4u-41315/ If he don't respond to you let me know, ok hon Please send me a PM in forum.
  13. Suggestions From Members on Mac, Using Safari and And Java 8 update 45 having troubles getting getting into chat If there are any members whom have had this issue and know the fix, Please post here to help other members with this issue! Your help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you
  14. If you are getting a plugin message (This plugin is not supported) while trying to get into chat through google chrome, Here is the FIX, found by Dinarblessed OK, here ya go! https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/6213033 As of Chrome Version 42, an additional configuration step is required to continue using NPAPA plugs.. *Type this in to your URL bar chrome://flags/#enable-npapi *Click the Enable link for the Enable NPAPI configuration option *Click the Relaunch button that now appears at the bottom of the configuration page Now you should be good to go
  15. [wileymorgan] Standing at Freedom's Gate: Guest Hallie Neill of Coats4Kurdistan.com http://www.commdiginews. ··· t-32787/ [wileymorgan] Kurds refuse to let their fight for freedom disappear and believe that freedom is worth fighting and even dying for. ‘Standing at Freedom's Gate' will join one of ‘Coats for Kurdistan' creators, famed international opera star and Christian humanitarian Hallie Neill. [wileymorgan] . Neill will share the challenges and the practical solutions to assist the Kurds in their fight for their children, familiesand future. Lisa Ruth, former CIA analyst and Editor in Chief of Communities Digital News brings a wealth of professional insight and experience to the conversation. [wileymorgan] Like Neill, Ruth fully understands what is at stake for the Kurds' region as well as for America. Join the live broadcast on Wednesday, January 7, at 6:30 PM with ‘Standing at Freedom's Gate' and your host, Kevin Fobbs, on the CommDigiNews Hour. [wileymorgan] Wed 6:30-7:30 EST Call in (914) 803-4460 or listen by going to the show link at: > http://www.blogtalkradio ··· newshour [wileymorgan] As my schedule does not allow me to be present during the interview I will be calling in personally to the show. Please tune in and help spread the message of hope. I would like to personally thank all those who donated and help spread the message. ~Wiley [wileymorgan] Follow us for our ongoing effort as we finalize Phase 1 and start Phase 2 to help our friends at the Barzani Charity Foundation and their needs for the people of Kurdistan. https://twitter.com/Coat ··· urdistan www.coats4kurdistan.com https://www.facebook.com ··· urdistan [wileymorgan] http://www.commdiginews. ··· t-32787/
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