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  1. ATTENTION: If you are signed in and have friends who are not and you have some other way to contact them, you might suggest that they do a system restart... By that I mean to completely power down their system, wait a few minutes and then reboot. (Not just a "refresh" or a "restart" of the system.) We have reason to believe that this is required to get members into the new system here. SPREAD THE WORD!!!
  2. [..SweetQueen] GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE! [..SweetQueen] I WANT TO TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO MAKE A POST REGARDING CHAT SERVICE PROVIDER SO THERE IS NO PANIC ONCE THIS OCCURS..... I WILL POST A BIT AT A TIME AND IT WILL SHORTLY BE POSTED IN FORUMS. [..SweetQueen] AddonInteractive will be performing a major system upgrade to transition to a cloud-based architecture on Friday, September 19, 2014 between 10am and 6pm CDT. [..SweetQueen] This transition will enable us to more effectively serve our customers by providing our engineers with the ability to quickly add new resources to our network on demand. Many chores that once required hours to do will now take minutes. We will also be able to offer private chat servers with dedicated IP addresses in the very near future; a popular request from our customer base. Most importantly, it will dramatically reduce our power requirements; helping to protect our environment and conserve energy resources without any reductions in service quality. [..SweetQueen] During the transition, many AddonInteractive services including AddonChat, AddonLiveSupport and our company's web sites may experience downtime periods as long as two hours. Some of your users may also experience "network splits" meaning some users will be connected to the new network while others are connected to the current network. Encouraging users to periodically refresh their browser will help to ensure that they are on the new network. The current network will be taken offline only after all services have been migrated in full. During this upgrade we will be unable to respond to technical support and sales inquiries via e-mail. [..SweetQueen] Also during the transition, a series of software updates will be made to our communication servers in preparation for AddonChat v10.0 and the new control panel, both of which have been in development now for well over a year. While there is no launch date yet for AddonChat v10.0, we can tell you that it will be purely web based (no Java required) and we're continuing to work closely with a select group of alpha testers to ensure the final product meets the demands of our customers. [..SweetQueen] Your patience during this upgrade is greatly appreciated. We ask that you refrain from submitting support requests during this time until the new network has been brought online. As we understand this may be an inconvenience to you and your users, all paying AddonChat customers will be afforded a one week extension to all services on their account, including modules. [..SweetQueen] For live updates, please follow us at Facebook or Twitter. Best Regards, AddonInteractive Development Team..... THE END!!! [..SweetQueen] I KNOW MANY WILL READ INTO THIS AS POSSIBLE DAY FOR RV [..SweetQueen] Papa Bear WELL JUST A BIT TO MUCH FOR OUR MEMBERS IS ACTUALLY A NOTICE TO THE CUSTOMERS BUT I DON'T WANT ANY PANIC ON THE 19TH. [..SweetQueen] MUCH HAS BEEN SAID THAT SITES WILL GO DOWN WHEN THIS HAPPENS... BUT IN THIS CASE IS AN UPGRADE. [Grandpa10] ..SweetQueen when the change occurs, will our passwords and names remain the same or will there be changes ? [..SweetQueen] Grandpa10 IT WILL NOT AFFECT USERNAME AND PASSWORDS HOWEVER IT DOES SAY THAT YOU MAY HAVE TO REFRESH SEVERAL TIMES YOUR BROWSERS CAUSE WE MAY BE SPLIT FOR A BIT. [..SweetQueen] UNTIL EVERYONE MIGRATES TO THE NEW SYSTEM. [..SweetQueen] ALL SITES SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED THIS NOTICE AND I HOPE THEY ADVICE THEIR MEMBERS AS WELL.
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