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  1. Nexus, you seem to have something negative to say about everyone's post... Do you know more than everyone?  Why are you so nasty and judgmental?   It is such a shame that Dinarland and good sites like this one has to have a Negative Nelly like you posting so much, knowing so little.  I am asking you to stop being such a child and just look forward to the blessing like everyone else...

    1. CLEMENT36


      There is a difference between a post that tells something or one that tries to gain authority by quoting articles from Iraq media... We all want info, but not repeating someone else's posts or double talk about Iraq politics... When they start posting their picture, I quit reading their posts...

  2. We Remember Studley....

    When someone passes, everyone needs to think of all of the positive things about their memories. This is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a great friend to all of us. Such great people are showing up in this tribute and that warms my heart and I know Peter is reading all of this and smiling ear to ear. He knew all of you and loved you all. Let's keep this going as a working eulogy to our friend "STUDLEY"....
  3. We Remember Studley....

    A Farewell to a Good Friend - RIP Studley ~ FreewayBill It was early in 2011 when I met Studley for lunch just a few miles from his home for the first time face to face after many telephone discussions. I had not pictured him the way he appeared. I walked in to find a tall, curly headed young man with a smile that could light up a room. We had a great lunch and we talked about everything from his past business experience, his family, his thoughts about GOD, his financial issues regarding his house to his beloved dog FiFi.... We spent, what started out to be an hour lunch that ended up being about a five hour visit. We laughed a lot. We planned about all of the great things we could do to help people once the RV occured. His heart was huge and we got along so well, it was like a visit with a brother from the beginning. He teased me about a mole I have on my upper lip and I joked about his "kinky" hair. I will never forget that day as it started a long term close relationship that even with his passing today, will never end. A lot of you really did not know my friend. Yes, you saw him on chat and you read his post. But that was not the depth of the real Studley. He cared about you, all of you and wanted this to occur for you as much as he did for himself. Being of Jewish faith, his discussions with me about religion was somewhat comical at times. He had his beliefs and I have mine. Well you know Freeway well enough to know that I dig pretty deep with my beliefs and we would debate but in a loving way. In my heart, I wanted him to accept Jesus as his own personal savior and for obvious reasons, he could not. I respected that, but that did not keep me from continuing to discuss it for the past three years. Three years! Wow! If you only knew how many hundreds of phone conversations we had during that time. We shared information, we discussed strategies on what we would do after the RV and we even planned a Las Vegas trip for Studley, myself, Soonerfan, Dash Riprock and Lojack where we could all take a week and just enjoy eachother. He loved and missed his mother more than anyone I have ever known. That mourning went right to the last breath and I know that for sure. My friends, mourn the loss of a great man, but do not let this live with you as he would not want you to not go on with your lives. When the RV occurs, personally I will look up in the sky toward the heaven and thank Studley for everything he did in his life to help prepare all of us for this blessing. He sleeps...... GOD BLESS YOU TONIGHT MY FRIEND ... I will miss you like a brother and I will remember you the rest of my life. My friend, my brother, I bid you tonight sweet dreams for a long awaited peaceful sleep. May you wake up in the arms of GOD and spend eternity by His side.... Kiss your mom for me brother.... GOD BLESS YOU ALL TONIGHT AND AS ALWAYS GOD BLESS THE USA! Sadly, Freeway Bill
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