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  1. Hi bailey2;

    I hope this finds you doing awesome.

    I was wondering if you have any way to get this so called "district map" that is being put out by TNT?

    I have tried but am not a member of the forum and cannot find it....

    thank you

    1. bailey2
    2. faith


      Oh my goodness bailey, you are awesome!!!!  that is it.   Thank you sweetie, have a wonderful Sunday!!!!!


  2. hey castle family,  

    I have been trying to get a copy of the "districts" map that TNT has said they have.  I have gone into their

    forum and am unable to find it or get a copy for the castle.  : (

    Can anyone here get a hold of it and bring in to the Castle????

    it would be great to have for our castle family, just in case...........

    Have an blessed day family and if you are able to get a copy and get it to the Castle, KUDOS to you!!!  :smiley-greet024:

  3. Hi castle family;

    I just wanted to say a big fat    THANK YOU   to All of our PRECIOUS VETERANS!!!!!      

    This Nation and it's people are grateful to you and your brothers in arms for our safety and freedom!!!

    God Bless and Keep you and your families!!!     and     God Bless America!!!

    :usa-flag:                           :statue-of-liberty:                              :usa-flag:

  4. morning Bailey, I just wanted to let you know that the article of Zap isn't even on the page and cannot

    be read to easily....thank you sweetie!   have a blessed day!!!

    1. bailey2


      ok love I will go fix it now, Thank you hon

    2. bailey2


      Hon, It must be an issue on your end, I checked it and had the other 2 mods and they also said it was fine, are you on 4.2 for the theme?


    3. faith


      ok, thank you....sorry to make more work for you  : (

  5. Joyce Meyer MInistries is also doing GREAT work in this field. They have wonderful programs helping the victims, also finding and freeing victims etc. And I am sure would love, love love any of us to partner with them as well. God bless one and all for being aware and caring about this horrendous crime!! faith
  6. bailey2; you are awesome and have done so very much for all of us here at the castle. We are grateful to you for your hard work and all the hours you've spent on our behalf. God bless you ALOT!!!! faith
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