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  1. We've all been hearing a lot about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, but two women from WAR, Int'l's partnering safe house in Houston are living through it. They have lost everything in the flooding. After joining the safe house program as a result of a Super Bowl outreach, these women have been making great strides in their recovery. Now, in the midst of their journey to new lives, they are dealing with the destruction and loss of everything they own. It is a true test of their faith and resilience. As our partners surround these two precious women with emotional and financial support, WAR, Int'l is helping to raise funds for them. Please prayerfully consider joining us as we reach out financially to these women, who have come so far in such a short time. Let us do what we can to help them keep moving forward through their loss. We invite you to become part of their support team through prayer and giving! (Please note that we cannot accept donations of items. Thank you for understanding that financial donations are the best way to help our partners meet this need. Donations above and beyond this specific need will be used to help other hurricane survivors.) Donate Donate Visit the post for more. ~Wiley RLTW
  2. “FLESH FOR SALE: IS YOUR CHILD SAFE?” WILEY MORGAN AND HALLIE NEILL HELPING THE VICTIMS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING Women and children snatched from the safety of their middle and upper class homes to be sold over and over again as sex slaves. This selling of flesh is spreading like wildfire, already the third fastest growing crime above guns and drugs. 300,000 minors are currently trafficked in the US. 1M women and children are trafficked internationally. A fraction are runaways. How does it happen? A job offer at Craig’s List; a ride home with a friend; a sleepover; the internet; date rape drugs at parties…. Remember when we all came together last year in a humanitarian effort to help the refugees in Kurdistan? Our Coats 4 Kurdistan initiative sent thousands of donated coats and blankets, $6M in donated pharmaceuticals from Citihope, International, 10,000 socks from Samaritan’s Feet, and financial donations to the Barzani Charity Foundation. We appeared on FOX NEWS which helped draw further national attention to the crisis, with that interview being played at the National Prayer Breakfast in Wash, DC garnering additional financial assistance for the refugees. The Barzani Charity Foundation expressed their gratitude with an award to us as “humanitarian ambassadors on behalf of the Kurdistan people”. It all began here, at Recaps. Thank you all for helping us to help so many! Wiley and Hallie have continued to work behind the scenes on another very urgent need: Human Sex Trafficking. We invite you to join us. Many dream of boats and yachts, better homes, cars, security for families and doing good to help others. Consider, please, helping those who have lost their ability to dream: Those caught in the current day slavery of SEX TRAFFICKING. · Consider the acid victims forever scarred for resisting rape and trafficking, finding safety, healing, hope and love through the programs of WAR (Women at Risk, International). · Consider the trafficked girl that was rescued and recovered through the WAR programs now earning a living making jewelry and learning to dream again for her future · Consider the young girls and women who escape the trafficker’s grasp with the help of Homeland Security, that WAR cannot care for and must be turned away · Consider the children and women who escape with a felony on their record after being caught in a sex trafficking or drug raid, making it impossible to find a job. Consider the WAR programs designed to teach each girl those skills needed to work and dream again in safe environments. Please consider how you might make a contribution even now, to help those who have so little to not only survive but thrive with the help of WAR, (Women at Risk, International), a nonprofit of volunteers that works in 43 countries helping all of the women and children described above. WATCH THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyTur-vE7xc DONATE: https://warinternational.org/donate/ SHOP: for Jewelry made by the rescued women and children with all profits returned to the WAR programs and safe houses around the world. http://warchestboutique.com/ HOST A JEWELRY PARTY IN YOUR HOME: http://warinternational.org/host-a-party/ WAR (Women at Risk, Intl) http://warinternational.org/ “To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” - Dr. Seuss
  3. We Remember Studley....

    Just today I saw a post relating to Trumps nominee being what we needed for the Dinar community. Without going into politics I couldn't help but remember the many conversations I had with Peter (Studley) because all he had to do to verify intel for me regarding the whales exchanging was to say give me a minute I will call Donald Trump. He was this special and always willing to help those of us in his inner intel circle know just how well connected he truly was and how loved he was by the dinar community. Peter there is not a day that goes by that I don't remember our special friendship. May you be rejoicing with your Mom in heaven my dear friend.
  5. FROM WILEY MORGAN AND KCMANA TO THE DINAR COMMUNITY COATS FOR KURDISTAN PROJECT “This is not a crisis; it is a tragedy.” – Barzani Foundation We are calling on all of our friends throughout the dinar community to come together to help us meet the urgent needs of the orphaned refugees in Kurdistan. ➢ URGENT SITUATION: 2 million refugees (Muslims, Christians and Jews) fled the safety of their homes under threats of beheadings and rapes by ISIS and have escaped to Kurdistan. Hiding in the mountains, living on streets or refugee camps, 25,000 orphans are in urgent need of coats and blankets to survive the winter and harsh environment. ➢ WHAT YOU CAN DO: We are asking the dinar community to collect reusable coats and jackets (especially for children ages 3-17). Gently used blankets are also needed. Please take a moment to include a hand-written note inside the pocket of the jacket from a caring American to an orphaned refugee. Let’s come together to let them know someone cares and they are not alone. Please share this need with your friends, family, churches and communities. Simply package and address box to: Coats for Kurdistan, 7199 W. 98th Terrace, Suite 142, Overland Park, KS 66212. We will take care of the shipping costs directly to Kurdistan and ask that all coats/blankets be sent to us by December 31, 2014. We are working directly with our friends at the Barzani Charity Foundation who will distribute the coats and blankets sent by the dinar community directly into the hands of the waiting refugees. The Barzani Charity Foundation works to honor the great legacy of Malla Mustafa Barzani, the leader of the Kurdish Liberation Movement and influencer of the contemporary Kurdish nation. His life was guided by the principles of tolerance, liberty, freedom and inclusive charity for his people, but also their neighbors. The Barzani Foundation works to help all in need, regardless of religion, including Christians, Muslims and Jews. Registered in 2005 as a non-profit NGO, BCF provides social, cultural and humanitarian aid to the people of Kurdistan, especially to the socio-economically disadvantaged members of society. http://www.barzanifoundation.org/en/ Kurdish family Orphaned refugee
  6. Anyone having issues with registration of Forums and/or Chatroom please send me email. This require separate registrations FYI: Thanks,
  7. Castle EMOTICONS for Ipad and Cell Phone Users

    The castle emoticons come from different web pages and are not included with the addonchat software therefore making it impossible for anyone else to load in their operating system such as Ipads or phones. Your only solution is to type out the emoticon word suggested on this thread... Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  9. We Remember Studley....

    Peter Mendelsohn Studley 2-16-2014 The memorial service for Peter "Studley" Mendelsohn will be on Friday Feb. 21st, 2014 10am est in Florida http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHDoLAJf8rQ Knowing Peter for some time.....we shared a common bond...it was as we were one for we both went through much financially and had to hold each other up.......I am truly overwhelmed in hearing the news of my friend...I do not know where to turn or realize how much I spoke with him of things of the world. I only wish we had talked more in these last days. I only know he had a wonderful heart and wanted the best for all and could not get away from how all of this was hurting the USA but unfortunately he could not do more as he wanted. He will be sorely missed by me and many in our community of this blessing. Rest forever comfortable in the angels arms my friend. Peter my heart is heavy tonight as I learned the news of your passing, we had so many great conversations that I will cherish a life time, on one hand I will miss you dearly and on the other I know that you have been reunited with your mother. My friend thank you for all your hard work but most of all for your sincere and honest friendship, I remember the times you would say take everything with a pound of salt, it was a privilege and an honor to have been your friend. R.I.P Peter although you're gone you will never be forgotten. To Peter's family my prayers and condolences are with you, we have lost a great man, friend, dinarian, and family member.
  10. Hearts ???

  11. Thank you for the compliments, we are here to please all.
  12. Hearts ???

    Below the Tinkerbell on the banner there are several buttons click on toggle snow off and it should read toggle snow on for the hearts to disappear, sorry for the inconvenience and is a shame that you are a hopelessly romantic person. Valentines month is all about love and hearts.
  13. DINAR MADE - EASY!...6/6/2013

    DINAR MADE - EASY! Those of you looking to acquire the IQD currency share many of the same common feelings and questions. Although many of you differ with specific individual needs, there are some universal needs many of you share such as: When am I locked in at the current rate of this currency? Can I pay conveniently with My Card instead of the traditional methods? Can I get it delivered securely Overnight? How can I secure my IQD the fastest? What currency source can I trust that has impeccable customer service and a superb track record? Where can I get the best promotions and greatest value? Juggling these core concerns and finding an all-encompassing solution has been our primary focus. We are pleased to announce that the answer to ALL of the common needs above is now available through EASYDINAR.com! EASY– to obtain IQD or VND at the LOWEST RATES online when using a Secure and Compliant Debit/Credit card option. EASY- to "Lock In" Today’s Current Rate! EASY– PAY with your Debit/ Credit Card! EASY – to get OVERNIGHT Delivery after payment clears! EASY– 1 Step Checkout! EASY– to get the best Promotions and greatest Value! EasyDinar.com provides ALL the conveniences many of you are looking for when ordering currencies. It saves time and frustration when making special or lengthy trips to the bank for cashier’s checks or money orders. It eliminates hefty bank wiring fees assessed by your bank to expedite payment. It eliminates the need for costly shipping to expedite your payments. At your convenience, it allows you to complete your order from anywhere at any hour of the day or night and lock in the current rate at that time. It allows you to benefit from the most rewarding promotions. It ensures your currency will be provided by a trusted source through Treasury Vault who tens of thousands have entrusted with their currency and commodity purchases. Those not needing ALL of the conveniences above will continue to receive premium service, the best promotions, and LOWEST currency rates available at TreasuryVault.com when continuing to make payments through the traditional methods of cashier’s checks, money orders, bank wires, or personal checks! EASYDINAR – powered by Treasury Vault
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