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  1. Sylvia, The WAR jewelry parties are a wonderful way to help. They send everything you need for your group of friends - small or large - in FED EX pre-paid box, that also includes a DVD about the victims and the rescue and recovery programs WAR offers. The best part? 100% of all proceeds from the sale of the jewelry and gifts made by the rescued girls goes right back into the WAR programs to help them. I have done several parties myself... really a win win. Shopping with a purpose. See link above for more info - sorry for some reason I am not able to insert the link here. Thanks to all who wish to help. Opera Dinar
  2. Thank you Sweet Queen for sharing this post. WAR works closely with the FBI and Homeland Security to rescue girls but need more safe houses for the extensive 3 tier healing and recovery process. 85% of all donations go to the programs to rescue, heal, recover, teach job skill training and prevention. Since 2006, WAR has created 170 programs for the victims. Jewelry parties in the US alone bring a profit of $1Million/per year. I have done them myself. Brilliant concept. And the jewelry is gorgeous: real pearls, crystals and very affordable. All product, including gifts, scarves, jewelry, clothing are made by the rescued, formerly trafficked victims. 100% of profits from these parties are returned back to the programs to help and rescue the victims. 300,000 CHILDREN currently being trafficked in the United States of America! Please spread the word, and help as you can. http://warinternational.org/host-a-party/ Thank you!!
  3. wileymorgan.....Intel4U 4/13/15

    To Already Blessed (Pam) and TNT Peeps, Your statement made at Recaps is utterly false, not based in fact, and is in short, a complete misrepresentation of reality. Already Blessed wrote SAS AGREED....BARZANI FAMILY HAS A FOUNDATION AND THAT WILL BE LISTED AS WELL...WE HAVE A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM AND ADMIRE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE Barzani Charity Foundation does not know you or Tony or DC, or anyone associated with TNT. They have no relationship with you whatsoever, let alone a "special" one. We actually speak with them on a regular basis and have been informed they are most displeased at your false claims. This is yet another fantasy story which just makes TNT look even more, well..... silly. "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." -- Mark Twain
  4. Yes, we are still taking donations. First shipment cut off date is January 15th. Donations will be ON-GOING as outlined on our website www.coats4kurdistan.com Our goal is 1Million Coats, 1Million pairs of shoes, and Toys as described at the website. Shipping address has changed! Please see the website!!
  5. Here are the correct links for our first media for Coats4Kurdistan Radio Interview http://www.blogtalkradio.com/communitiesdigitalnewshour/2015/01/07/freedoms-gate-guest-hallie-neill-of-coats4kurdistancom Wed 6:30-7:30 est Call in (914) 803-4460 or listen by going to the show link at: > http://www.blogtalkradio.com/communitiesdigitalnewshour News article with Kevin Fobbs of Communities Digital News http://www.commdiginews.com/featured/americans-can-help-kurdistan-fight-isis-for-freedom-one-coat-32787/
  6. Yes, we did extend the cut off date to January 15, 2015. Thank you for your help in making this a wildly successful Phase 1. More to come..... www.Coats4Kurdistan.com
  7. Thank you, Colorado Lady!! We are shipping our donations directly to our friends in the Barzani Foundation in Erbil, Iraq. They will distribute to the refugees in Kurdistan. We have been told the winter is very harsh -- 25,000 orphans and newborns, children of all ages need our help. www.Coats4Kurdistan.com We are also at Facebook!! The response has been overwhelming to our coat drive but more is needed for the 2Million refugees (Arabs, Christians and Jews)
  8. Hi Kathy, Thank you for your email. We will reply shortly with instructions. Thank you again!! Coats4Kurdistan Team
  9. Thank you to all who have responded to the urgent needs for gently used coats and blankets for the Kurdish refugees. This was reported to us by our friends at the Barzani Foundation: <<< One of the Muslim refugees asked for a guarantee of help for her children. The Barzani representative said "We have friends in the US that are sending help." She responded: "Oh my God. Tell them thank you for me." >>> Please help us spread the word. Opera Dinar
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