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  1. Sananddan24 ,Dear Friend..  

    Sorry ,I am so late in messaging you ,but I just saw the posting.. I send you my Heartfelt and sincere condolences ,for the  loss of your husband..  It is my hopes you are surrounded by Loved Ones during this time, as I know you are Loved and held in our thoughts ,here within our community of friends of the castle..  Know God is with you ,as is the Spirit of your Loved One,as is all that know you...  Words do not do justice ,nor come easy to me at times like this ,so I will end this here ,and go into prayer to share the Love of the Open Heart of the Creator...   Be well ,friend...

                                                                                                                                        Bear  :emoticon-00134-bear:

    1. sananddan24


      Bear'sOpenheart thank you so and pray Isaiah 54 for me! The word of God and his promises is what I leaning and depending on!  Thank you my friend! 

  2. We hold you in our hearts. ??. May God give you peace and His strength for one step at a time. Shalom, Shalom. 

  3. We Remember Studley....

    Studley you will be greatly missed! Thank you for all you have for all of us! you will be forever in our hearts!
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