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    Dinar serial numbers

    Not sure if this will help or not but it is worth a shot. Went looking for what I could find out there on the web and came up with these quotes...... "There two numbers that look almost the same." "The number 2 and 3 in arabic are very, very close to looking the same.... It is a backward 7 with one small dip at the top of the backward 7 is a 2.... and there is two small dips at the top of the backward 7 is a 3... " "I just finished checking all my serial numbers against each other. all of mine are unique to each other. but some of the arabic numbers look really close to each other. some of my currency looks to have the same number, but then upon closer examination, they are different. " "I called the broker and mentioned the numbers looked very close to each other and some appeared to be the same....they suggested that I use a magnifying glass to examine because the #2 and #3 symbol are almost identical except for a small "squiggly" line....they were right....I feel much better now" Hope this helps.... Have a good one!
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