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  1. We Remember Studley....

    SweetQueen! All of those that knew him miss his sweet soul. What a colorful personality he had. This guy would take his last coat off for someone in need. That was Peter with a huge heart and thanks for remembering him too. Certain people are just hard to forget because they leave such an imprint on you. ;-))
  2. We Remember Studley....

    Still remembering the loss of our dear friend Peter Studley!!! Do go works in heaven my friend!!! <3
  3. We appreciate you more than you'll ever know!!! :-)))
  4. We Remember Studley....

    It's hard to believe it's been almost a year! The things I remember the most about Peter Studley was his love for a good debate. He and I had something in common as we are both from Jewish Ancestry. Peter was such a kind hearted guy that would bend over backwards for anyone. He is truly missed but I know deep in my heart that he is content to be back home with God even though many of us miss him dearly. Sending my prayers to Peters family once again.Blessings to you brother!
  5. I thought the deadline was December 31st. If they are keeping it open then I'll send another care package to the same address unless it has changed. If it has then let me know.
  6. Thank You Wiley Morgan! I will try to listen to the blog talk radio show! ;-)
  7. Thank You Wiley Morgan and KCMana! What a wonderful way to give back to humanity! Even though I don't have much myself at this time and have dependents, I will try to get these items together and sent to the address you provided before the 31st. We sometimes forget that we are the richest nation even though we are barely surviving are selves, we are still much better off than many around the world. With much gratitude, ClassyONE
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