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  1. No apology necessary Bailey. We see you go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. Even though it may seem like a thankless atmosphere, don't think we do not recognize and appreciate everything you and the other members of your team do. God Bless!!
  2. We Remember Studley....

    I have been in this for a long time and when some spoke or posted, I barely gave them any attention but when Studley posted, I gave what he wrote the utmost attention because he was a man of truth and honor who truly cared about others. In reality when all is said and done, our legacy really only consists of our word and how our word can be trusted. To me, Studleys' was gold and he will be sorely missed. May God wrap His loving arms around his family and those in Dinarland who knew him personally and comfort them as only He can!!
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