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    We've all been hearing a lot about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, but two women from WAR, Int'l's partnering safe house in Houston are living through it. They have lost everything in the flooding. After joining the safe house program as a result of a Super Bowl outreach, these women have been making great strides in their recovery. Now, in the midst of their journey to new lives, they are dealing with the destruction and loss of everything they own. It is a true test of their faith and resilience. As our partners surround these two precious women with emotional and financial support, WAR, Int'l is helping to raise funds for them. Please prayerfully consider joining us as we reach out financially to these women, who have come so far in such a short time. Let us do what we can to help them keep moving forward through their loss. We invite you to become part of their support team through prayer and giving! (Please note that we cannot accept donations of items. Thank you for understanding that financial donations are the best way to help our partners meet this need. Donations above and beyond this specific need will be used to help other hurricane survivors.) Donate Donate Visit the post for more. ~Wiley RLTW
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    Something worthwhile to contribute to now and after I have my CE appointment at Wells Fargo. While I can't do anything huge right now something now is better than waiting until the big day to help out.
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    Three hundred thousand in America is probably just a deck chair of the Titanic compared to the true amount of crime inflicted on our innocent. We have no law in our country when those in the law community close their eyes to what is going on to keep their jobs and their pensions. They closed their eyes to 911 and they are closing their eyes to this atrocity. God has not and I believe a reckoning is coming very soon. We Americans may not be able to accept the truth when it is finally given. We're the ones we've been waiting for and we've still got much of our heads up our......God have mercy on the weak and the meek.
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    well i guess i am one who will not be getting into chat.... addon does not work and i did follow your directions. So now what do i do to get in? any suggestions?
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